About Us

Jia Wei CPAs was established in 1986 for 35 years.


The headquarters is located in Wugu District of New Taipei City (MRT New Taipei Industrial Park Station).

All the way, we uphold the attitude of “positive, active, and altruistic”.


Continuously improve various professional abilities and humanism qualityto meet the diverse needs of clients.


“Regarding employees as my families and treating the needs of clients as my business” is the management philosophy of Director Chang.


“How to help clients realize their dreams and how to lead people to experience more magnificent lives” is the mission of Jia Wei.


“Making the employees and clients of Jia Wei happy and satisfied” is the expectation of Jia Wei CPAs. We must not only become the strong accounting profession support of SMEs, but also be able to move our clients by our services.

Even if it is challenging, Jia Wei is always working hard.