• Book keeping, vouchers filing

  • Declaration of business tax (VAT): to be reported before 15th of January, March, May, July, September, and November

  • January: filing of withholding (exemption) income tax and withholding statement

  • May: filing of annual corporate income tax return and undistributed earnings

  • September: filing of provisional income tax return

  • Trademark registration

  • Advice for appropriation of net income and advice for imputation tax system



1.  More than 80 among the 100 auditors are certified public bookkeepers, resulting in high quality services.

2.  Regular discussion with clients, clients could keep abreast of business performance.

3.  Complete humanities training and professional education (education system for employees and clients)

4.  There are more than 200 employees in Jia Wei. The employee turnover rate is less than 3%. The stable company organization makes services continuous for clients.

5.  Free accounting courses and business management courses for accountants of clients

6.  When audited by Tax office or other authority, CPA will take care of it, clients not require to face the authority.


Disclosure Tax Advisory Services