• Drafting and review of business dealing contract, legal counseling
  • Corporate governance, Equity planning, investment dispute settlement
  • Merger, split-up, M&A (merger and acquisition), asset management and development
  • Labor dispute, arbitration, civil litigation, criminal cases, compulsory enforcement
  • Trademark registration, dispute settlement
  • Expert opinion of legal review
  • Tax consultation, administrative remedy
  • Counseling on and assisting in mainland China affairs
  • Regular legal consultant


 Jia Hua law firm engages in protecting the right and interest of clients from their perspective.

 Jia Wei and Jia Hua are strategic alliances, providing overall integration services. Clients receive law, finance and accounting services at the same time in Jia Wei.

 One stop service” is the entrepreneurial belief of the alliances.

 Lawyers are strict with every case, which represents their professionalism, diligence, and responsibility.

 The professional lawyers of Jia Hua help customers solve problems with enthusiasm and sincerity. As the legal consultant and the agent ad litem, they handle every single case in the most efficient way, therefore often praised by customers.

 Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.