professional services



Jia Wei CPAs is professional service firm. Each CPA has their own expertise. Though discussion and cooperation, CPA provide comprehensive advice and professional service.


diverse services

There are more than 200 employees in Jia Wei, 29 of which are Taiwan CPAs, 4 of which are US CPAs, and over 100 of which are certified public bookkeepers. By different professional abilities, members are appropriately allocated to Department of Auditing Service, Department of Accounting Service, Department of IPO Service, Department of Business Registration Service, Department of Continental Affair, Department of International Business, Department of Business Performance Improvement, and Department of Education Training. In addition to professionalism, the main reason for the high customer satisfaction is that Jia Wei provides all services clients need. Besides, the 3~5% employee turnover rate makes it stable for providing coherent services.


Academic Cooperation

Jia Wei held many professional visits and lectures, including for NCCU, NTUB, Chihlee, TKU, NUTC, HWU, SJU, KNU, CUTE, and JNU. Jia Wei has been one of the employment choices of many accounting graduates.