• audit by certified public accountants
  • audit of tax/financial statements

  • audit of capital

  • audit of provisional income tax

  • special purpose audits

  • review of financial information

  • consultation on accounting, auditing, and other matters


Jia Wei has been established for 30 years and has more than 1,000 clients.

Jia Wei has rich experience in all walks of life, responsible for customers.



1.  20 certified public accountants  >>> Our team


2.  Direct communication by CPA improves client’s financial and tax quality, rather than simply bookkeeping and then search for CPA to certify the accounts.

3.  When audited by National Tax Administration or other authority, CPA will take care of it, client not required to face the authority

4.  30 years of experience ensures high quality in auditing.

5.  Professional courses are held every month; the accountants of clients can learn and grow with Jia Wei.

6.  Assistance in financial analysis so that companies can clearly understand their financial performance and avoid tax exposure.


Benefits of tax audit:


1.  Increase the entertainment expense limits

2.  Loss carry forward for 10 years: Corporate income tax return should be certified by CPA.

3.  Decrease the rate of audit by Tax office: the rate of audit is approximately 10 %